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The Rankings filters allow you to find apps based on rankings within app store charts. App rankings along with our Ad Intelligence product can help you find apps that have the budget for marketing and advertising. For example, these apps have risen 300 spots within the European market in the last week, indicating they may be running an ad campaign.

For an isolated view of our Rankings product visit the links for “Popular Apps” found on your side bar. For additional information on the Rankings product click here.

  • Apps that:
    • Are ranked: current rank of the app within the app stores
    • Have moved: changes in rank over time
    • Have first entered a chart: the time period an app appeared on one of the charts selected
  • On the following charts: charts include Free, Paid, Grossing
  • In the following categories: app store categories such as Overall, Games, Social, etc.  Icons indicate the store the option belongs to.
  • In the following countries: all the app store countries we track. 

Notes: Country and Category Filters

Countries and categories from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are listed. If you select a filter corresponding to just one of the platform stores and not the other, it will naturally filter out the other platform.

Publisher Pivot Ranking Filters:

When ranking filters are added in the publisher pivot context, publishers with at least one app that meets the selected filters will be returned. Note that when a rankings filter is combined with another type of app level filter (App Details, SDK data, or Rankings filters), those filters will be applied separately at the app level and then applied to the publisher, i.e. a publisher can have an app that meets only the Ranking Filter criteria and a different app that meets only the App Details Filter criteria.

For example if you enter a "Number of Ratings" filter greater than 10k and a rankings filter for apps ranked within the top 100 on any chart, then the search will return all publishers which have at least one app with greater than 10k ratings and at least one app which is ranked above 100 on any chart; the matching apps need not necessarily be the same.

Check out these other ways to use the Rankings filters:


In this doc, we described each of the advanced options you have for Rankings filters. 

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