Explore V2 - Ad Intelligence

See how publishers are advertising their app with the Ad Intelligence filters. This is the leading indicator that the company has a marketing budget and cares to grow its app's user base. For example, these apps may have started advertising within the last week.

Click here for more on Ad Intelligence. For an isolated view of our ad intelligence product click here. For access to additional ad networks beyond Facebook, included with most accounts, please contact support@mightysignal.com.

  • First Seen Ads: time period when MightySignal first detected ads on the selected networks
  • Last Seen Ads: time period when MightySignal last detected an ad on for the selected networks
  • Number of Ad Networks: the number of ad networks the company advertises on (out of the five supported by MightySignal)
  • Creative Formats: the format of the app's creatives: playable, video, other. Playable creatives allow users to play the game. Other formats include creatives that are are not playables or videos (eg. images, HTML)

Check out some additional reports using the Ad Intelligence filter:


In this doc, we described each of the advanced options you have Ad Intelligence filtering. 

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