Explore V2 - App Details

The App Details filters in our  Explore feature allows you to narrow your search based on characteristics of the app. For example, this report shows all the apps potentially in soft launch, created by filtering for released in last six months, only available in Australia, with Elite or Strong user bases. Or these mobile gaming apps released in the last month with a moderate user base could indicate it might be a good time to connect.

  • Mobile Priority: MightySignal's method of determining how much a company cares about its app. Currently, the rank is a function of how recently their app has been updated.
    • High: has released an update within the last 2 months
    • Low: the last update was 4 months ago or older
    • Medium: updated within the last 2-4 months
  • User Base: an estimate of how many active users an app has. We derive this estimate based off of the average number of ratings per day and the total number of ratings the app has for its current release.
    • Elite: 50,000 total ratings or 7 ratings per day average (for current release)
    • Strong: 10,000 total ratings or 1 rating per day average (for current release)
    • Moderate: 100 total ratings or 0.1 average rating per day average (for current release)
    • Weak: anything less than 100 total ratings or 0.1 average rating per day average (for current release)
  • Price: filter apps by paid or free
  • In App Purchases: filter for apps that offer in app purchases
  • Available Countries (iOS Only): filter your Explore results by the country where the app is available
  • Categories: these categories match the categories found in the iOS or Android app stores. An app's category detail also comes directly from these stores.
  • Permissions: the types of permissions that the app requests.
  • All version Ratings: app rating in the iOS or Android app stores for all released versions of an app.
  • Number of Ratings: total number of ratings in the iOS or Android app stores for all released versions of an app.
  • Downloads Min (Android Only): the number of downloads is provided directly from Google Play and is the number of downloads for the current version.
  • Release Date: how long ago the app was released in the iOS or Android app stores.

Notes: Country and Category Filters

The category and country options each have either an Apple or Android icon next to it. This indicates which store that option belongs to. If you select a filter corresponding to just one of the platform stores and not the other, it will naturally filter out the other platform. The two exceptions to this are the App Details filters: “Available Countries” and “Downloads Min”. These two filters will not filter out apps from the other platform.

Publisher Pivot App Details Filters:

When App Details filters are added in the publisher pivot context, publishers with at least one app that meets the selected filters will be returned. Note that when a App Details filter is combined with another type of app level filter (SDK data, Rankings, or App Details), those filters will be applied separately at the app level and then applied to the publisher, i.e. a publisher can have an app that meets only the Ranking Filter criteria and a different app that meets only the App Details Filter criteria.

For example if you enter a "Number of Ratings" filter greater than 10k and a rankings filter for apps ranked within the top 100 on any chart, then the search will return all publishers which have at least one app with greater than 10k ratings and at least one app which is ranked above 100 on any chart; the matching apps need not necessarily be the same.

Here are some other meaningful reports using app data:


In this doc, we described the each of the advanced options you have for app filtering. 

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