Ad Intelligence Basics

MightySignal Ad Intelligence provides powerful insights into how mobile marketers are advertising. In can be an effective way for sales reps to identify leads, or publishers to see how their peers are acquiring users.

Most MightySignal accounts include access to the Facebook Ad Intelligence product. For access to the Advance Ad Intelligence platform with additional ad networks please contact

Viewing Ad Intelligence

By clicking on the Ad Intelligence on the left toolbar, you will be brought a feed of mobile apps who are advertising. It will be sorted by default on apps who are advertising for the first time. This sorting is valuable because it indicates who may have advertising budget emerging for the first time.

You can change the sorting of any of the columns by simply clicking on any of the arrows. You will also see a column for Ad Attribution SDKs. Typically, this is a sign for a more sophisticated marketer with a larger budget.

Ad Intelligence for a specific app or publisher

When viewing the app page, there's a tab dedicated to the app's ads. By gauging the number of impressions, creatives, and audiences targeted, you can understand the marketer's budget, priorities, and sophistication.

You can also view ad intelligence data at the publisher level, including an overview of all of the publisher's advertising apps.

Filtering for apps with ad budgets

A powerful way to use Ad Intelligence is to combine it with the other data sets on MightySignal. In the Explore V1 Section, you can add Facebook ad presence as a filtering criteria. For example, here is how to filter for apps belonging to Fortune 1000 companies who are showing ads

In the Explore V2 section, you can add any of the five supported ad networks (Facebook, Chartboost, Applovin, Unity, MoPub), seen dates, number of networks, and creative format. Here's the same query as above but on Explore V2 with showing ads on any of the networks.


We've covered in this document the basics of Ad Intelligence on MightySignal, from viewing a feed of the most recent advertisers, to viewing targeting parameters being used. These are effective tools to help critical functions like lead generation and competitive intelligence.

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