TImeline Basics

MightySignal's Timeline allows you to set up alerts for when SDKs are being installed into or uninstalled from apps. The Timeline is relevant to SDRs and AEs to generate leads and for AMs and CSMs to be alerted when an account adds or removes an competitive SDK. 

How to View the Timeline

The Timeline is the first view you see upon logging into MightySignal. If you are not viewing the Timeline, click on the Timeline button at the top of the toolbar.

Following SDKs and Apps on your Timeline

To start following apps or SDKs on your Timeline, click on the "Follow new Apps & SDKs" button located in the top right-hand corner of the section. A pop-up will appear, in which there will be a drop down to select between apps and SDKs. Next, type the name of the app or SDK in the empty text field. Lastly, click the "Follow" button to the right of the app or SDK you would like to add to your Timeline. If you don't see the item you're looking for, you can see more results by clicking the "See more results" button. Refresh the page to see the updated Timeline after following new apps or SDKs.

Removing SDKs and Apps from your Timeline

To get a list of the apps and SDKs you're following on your Timeline, click on the "Following" button located to the right of the "Follow new Apps & SDKs" button. The list that pops up will show you all of the apps and SDKs that are included on your Timeline. 

To remove any of these apps or SDKs from your Timeline, click on the "Unfollow" button that corresponds to the app or SDK you wish to remove from your Timeline. 

Note: You can also follow or unfollow apps from an App Page or SDKs from an SDK page.

Expanding the Timeline for more information

You can click on any line item to expand for more information. If it is a line item about an SDK being installed in new apps, it will show you exactly those apps. If it is a line item about an app adding or removing SDKs, it will show exactly what those SDKs are.


In this doc, we reviewed the basics of how to use the MightySignal Timeline. You can follow apps and SDKs on the Timeline and the Timeline will alert you when apps are installing or uninstalling SDKs. Use these alerts to identify new leads, be alerted when customers add competitors, and track market share changes.

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