Alerts for Account Managers and CSMs

MightySignal can alert account managers and customer success managers when it's an important time to reconnect with a customer. This document takes a look at the Timeline and best practices on how to use it. 

Getting Alerts

The Timeline section in MightySignal is where you can build an alert system for when apps are installing or uninstalling SDKs. For example, if your customer is installing a competitor's SDK, Timeline will alert you when your competitor's SDK is installed for the first time. This is a sign that your customer might be evaluating or entering a trial phase with that SDK. 

Another example is when an app uninstalls an SDK. The Timeline will also alert you when an SDK is uninstalled for the first time. This can signal that the customer is unsatisfied with that solution and could be a good cross-sell opportunity for you to pursue. 

Lastly, clicking on any of the apps on your Timeline will bring you to the MightySignal app page. On the app page, AMs and CSMs can conduct a comprehensive review of all the SDKs an app has installed and uninstalled. You can also get more insights on the app such as headquarter location, app description, and the latest version release, to name a few.

Click here for more on how to customize your Timeline. 


In this document, we reviewed how the Timeline helps us know when it's a good time for us to reach out to a prospect. Install and uninstall alerts are both opportunities for you to reach out as an account manager or customer success manager.

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