The App Page

App pages provide detailed information on specific apps. These pages include information such as installed/uninstalled SDKs, publisher details, email contacts, and app store metadata.  SDRs and AEs should use app pages to qualify an app or publisher they're targeting, and AMs and CSMs should use app pages to know what SDKs their clients have installed. 

App Page Sections

SDKs: In the SDK section of the app page, you can see all the SDKs that have been installed or uninstalled by the app developer. Hover over any of the time frames listed and MightySignal will show you the date of the install or uninstall. Times with dotted underlines indicate an SDK that has been installed multiple times, and you can hover over them to see each individual install and uninstall date. To get a real-time update of the app's SDK data, click on the Live Scan button at the top of the section. 

Ad Intelligence Tab: This tab includes information about which networks we've seen the app advertise on. It also allows you to explore the different creatives we've collected. You can view videos, images, and even interact with playable game ads. Most MightySignal accounts include access to the Facebook Ad Intelligence product. For access to the Advance Ad Intelligence platform with additional ad networks please contact

Please visit our page on  Ad Intelligence for more details.

Rankings Tab: Here you can view an app's rankings data over time, a key signal for campaigns and other activities. See more about the rankings tab here.

Contacts: MightySignal provides contact data when available. In this section, you can find contacts by job title or department by using our contacts search bar. You can also obtain a contact's email by clicking on the "Get Email" button next to a contact's name. Clicking on the actual email address will copy the email address to your clipboard. And if you click on the contact's name, MightySignal will redirect you to that person's LinkedIn page if it is available. Lastly, you can export the emails as a csv doc by hitting the "Export Contacts to csv" button. 

Details: At the top of the app page, you'll notice some key data points at a glance. Here, MightySignal will show you if the app is free or paid, the app's official category from the app store, the number of reviews this version has received, and the app's current rating. Underneath the app name is a link to the app publisher's page. And at the right of this section, MightySignal also provides a button that will link you to the app's Google Play or Apple iTunes page. 

Actions: In the Actions section, you have the ability to add the app to your Timeline, add the app to a List, or export critical app page data to your Salesforce. Please note that the export to Salesforce option is only available as an additional feature add-on. 

App Details: Here you will find app store metadata. We retrieve and display platform, country availability, app store id, price, in app purchases availability, app size, required OS version, content rating, category, and the app description. Hovering over the "Available In" button will show a list of the countries where you can download the app.

Publisher Details: In this section, you can find links that will help you gather more information about the app and the app's publisher. MightySignal will show the app's publisher name, and if you click on the "More Publisher Details" link, you will be brought to the app's publisher page. There are also quick links to bring you into LinkedIn so that you can search for contacts by company, sales roles, or marketing roles. 

When available, MightySignal will also display the app publisher's Fortune 1000 rank and a link to Crunchbase for additional research and qualification. In addition, we show a list of web domains and matching headquarter addresses associated with the publisher.

Latest Release: This section shows you the current release version and the date that it was released.

MightySignal Insights: In this section, we show you the app's MightySignal ID and other MightySignal data like the app's user base, mobile priority, and permissions. We also show ad spend, which means the app has been seen spending on Facebook and has been indexed by our Ad Intelligence tool.

Directly below, MightySignal Insights you can view spotted Facebook creatives.

App Page for Safeway on iOS


In this doc, we reviewed the different sections that make up a MightySignal app page. Each section can provide valuable insights to help with lead qualification, customer review, and market intelligence. 

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