MightySignal provides SDRs and AEs the ability to effectively research and qualify the leads they discover. This document walks through how to fully leverage MightySignal's search bar, App Page, LiveScan, and Button to do so.

Find Your App or Publisher

Our search bar lets you swiftly find any lead you want to qualify. Simply use the search box at the top right to look up keywords of apps or publishers. For example, searching for Electronic Arts will yield all apps belonging to EA. You can then click on any app or publisher in the search results to find more details. 

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App Details

App pages provide SDRs and AEs with detailed information on a specific app. These pages include information such as installed/uninstalled SDKs, publisher details, email contacts, and app store meta data. Sales teams should use the app page to make sure that the app meets all the right criteria to be a qualified lead. The app page also equips sales teams with powerful data to craft a custom outbound message. 

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Publisher Details

SDRs and AEs can view MightySignal publisher pages to get publisher website domains, headquarter addresses, and contact information. MightySignal will even show a list of all the apps the publisher has released. SDRs and AEs should use publisher pages to determine if the publisher meets the requirements to be a target account. 

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Real-Time Intelligence

Publishers release updates to their apps frequently. MightySignal's Live Scan capability allows you to scan any app in real-time, so you can see the most up-to-date SDK representation, even if the app was updated moments ago. This is a critical step in qualifying, whether you are deciding whether to reach out to a lead, crafting your email to the lead, or preparing for a call. You'll find the Live Scan button at the top of the SDK section on the app page.

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Streamline your Workflow

The  MightySignal Chrome extension is the perfect fit to your qualification workflow. With the extension, you can conduct your initial research from the app store and immediately jump back into MightySignal for a detailed look at the app's SDK technology. 

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MightySignal equips you with five effective methods for qualifying your leads: search bar, LiveScan, and the MightySignal Chrome extension. You can quickly find the apps or publishers you care about, gather real-time SDK data, and flow from the app stores to MightySignal with just one click. 

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