Explore V1 - Basics

The Explore section of MightySignal enables you to filter for apps based on multiple options. Explore is relevant for SDRs and AEs to generate leads or marketers to identify mobile trends.

How to filter

Filtering in the Explore section is straightforward. First, click on the Explore tab on the left toolbar. Select from the filtering options at the top of the page, and press "Filter" to see the results.

Filtering Options

SDK Filters: filter your Explore results by specific SDKs or SDK categories. Click here for more on advanced SDK filtering options.

Location Filters: filter your Explore results by the country. The location is based on the address that the app developers have listed on their app store page. In some countries, MightySignal is able to filter down to the state, province, or territory level. 

User Base: an estimate of how many active users an app has. We derive this estimate based off of the average number of ratings per day and the total number of ratings the app has for its current release. 

  • Elite: 50,000 total ratings or 7 ratings per day average (for current release)
  • Strong: 10,000 total ratings or 1 rating per day average (for current release)
  • Moderate: 100 total ratings or 0.1 average rating per day average (for current release)
  • Weak: anything less than 100 total ratings or 0.1 average rating per day average (for current release)

Mobile Priority: MightySignal's method of determining how much a company cares about its app. Currently, the rank is a function of how recently their app has been updated and whether they advertise on Facebook. 

  • High: they have advertised on Facebook and has released an update within the last 2 months
  • Medium: updated within the last 2-4 months
  • Low: the last update was 4 months ago or older

Fortune Rank: filter your Explore results by Fortune rank 500 or Fortune rank 1000. MightySignal determines Fortune rank from the public list released annually and maps these Fortune 1000 companies to the apps and app publishers within our database. 

Facebook Ads: whether or not the company is paying for ads on Facebook to download the app. This is the leading indicator that the company has a marketing budget and cares to grow its app's user base. Click here for more on Ad Intelligence.

Price: filter apps by paid or free

In App Purchases: filter for apps that offer in app purchases

Downloads (Android Only): the number of downloads is provided directly from Google Play and is the number of downloads for the current version. 

Categories: these categories match the categories found in the iOS or Android app stores. An app's category detail also comes directly from these stores. 


In this doc we took a look at all the different filter options available in Explore. These filters help you find the most qualified apps and reveal answers around mobile market trends. 

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