MightySignal's data on mobile apps empowers SDRs and AEs to identify the highest value leads and accounts. This document walks through how to use Explore, Timeline, and Ad Intelligence. 

Generating Leads

In the Explore section of MightySignal, you are able to generate high-value leads filtering through apps based on our powerful data set. The data set includes SDKs, user bases, update cycles, and more. For example, if you integrate or compete with  Appboy, you are able to filter for every single app with the Appboy SDK integrated. 

Click here for a more in-depth walkthrough of how to use Explore to generate leads. 

Getting Alerts

The Timeline section in MightySignal is where you can build an alert system for when certain SDKs are installed or uninstalled. For example, if you partner or compete with attribution SDKs, Timeline will alert you when apps install attribution SDKs for the first time. This is a sign of budget opening up or a trial phase for that SDK. When an app uninstalls an SDK, it is a sign of a new direction or a client unsatisfied with that solution. Install and uninstall alerts are both opportunities for you to reach out as an SDR. 

Click here for how to customize your Timeline. 

Identifying New Marketing Budgets

Ad Intelligence is a powerful way to identify publishers who have marketing budgets. On the platform you can view not only who is advertising, but when they advertised, what creatives they used, and what the targeting parameters are. These are all strong proxies for how much budget an app has, and whether they can afford your product.

click here for more details on how to use Ad Intelligence on MightySignal.


The three aspects of MightySignal for prospecting highlighted in this doc are Explore, Timeline, and Ad Intelligence. They empower you to generate leads, receive alerts, and identify budget.

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